Interested In Self Monitored Alarm Systems? Let’s Explore The Benefits

By Ava Brown, September 25, 2014

If you want to skip long term contracts and expensive installations, then self monitored alarm system is the right option for you. Keep an eye on your house even when out of town. You no longer need to rely on a third party. You can now monitor your home via your own cellular phone. All you need to do is install an application on your cell phone and connect it with the security alarm. The system will send you warning messages (of any unusual moments in your home) directly to your mobile phone.

Moreover, you can change and customize the mobile application to match your alarm system and your requirements. With self monitored alarm system you can easily monitor your home however and whenever you want. Self monitored alarm system is the new generation home security system that provides full protection for your entire family. Check some of the benefits it provides.


Superior Cost – What makes the self monitored alarm system so popular is its superior cost. Firstly, you don’t have to splurge hundreds of dollars on installation. You can install the system yourself. Secondly, you don’t have to rely on a stranger to install the entire system. Furthermore, manufacturers offer free over-the-phone technical support.

Multiple Landlines – Another advantage of self monitored alarm system is the ability to connect the system to up to 10 mobile or landline numbers. You can include the number of your spouse, kids’, close relatives, etc. They will be notified of any suspicious activity in case you are not available. Acting fast in case of emergencies is really important. Thus, rely on innovative self monitored alarm system which is at the forefront of the alarm industry.

SMS Notifications – Self monitored alarm systems are ideal for people that travel. You don’t have to ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home no more. If anything happens, you will be immediately notified via SMS. Once the signal is sent, it’s up to you to decide which department to call. No need to sign a contract with a security company, because in case of emergency, you decide whether to call the police or the local emergency department.

Customizable – Self monitored alarm systems are easy to install. No need to have a stranger do it. Plus, you can use various apps to control and customize the system according to your own needs. You can arm and disarm the self monitored alarm system when you are away; turn the night mode for protection when you sleep; take snap shots from any camera at any time, etc. Accessorize your system with panic button, detector location, back-up battery to prevent unwanted situations in the future. You can customize the system the way you want.