Investigating the Rose Wine

By Steven Harrisson, August 13, 2015

When it comes to wines, I’m sure all wine connoisseurs will agree that each period of the year is perfect for wines; whether summer or winter, enjoying a glass of good quality wine in the evening is the perfect ending of the day. However, there is a common rule that red wine should be consumed in winter because it is heavier, while white and rose wines are the perfect match for summer. But, at the end it all comes to personal taste just like a choice of wine is.

For example, some cannot handle reds and prefer crispy whites and for some rose wine is nothing more than a coloured sugared water, yet it is the first choice of many. In fact, Rose has been underestimated and pushed aside for so long and it hasn’t been until recently that wine experts began rewarding Rose wine with much deserved acknowledgment.

There are so many great rose wines; all very summery, refreshing and best when enjoyed outside with a great company. Rose comes in many colours, from pale and subtle pink to a vibrant pink colour. Generally speaking, Rosé wine suits any occasion and since it is light and refreshing, it goes perfectly well with finger food, salads, barbeque, mushrooms, seafood, cheese, chicken and other food.

Great Rose Wines

How Is Rose Made & How It Tastes

Great rose wines are made the same way as the white wine; red grapes are treated the same way as in white wine production meaning, the juice from the grapes is separated early in the process. Hence, the only difference between reds and rose wine is in the time. When making red wine, the juice sits together with the skins of the grapes longer in order to achieve the deep red colour, as well as to ensure rich tannins. This period is called the ‘maceration time’ and it’s what makes the red wine production so different.

The great rose wines are made from a red grape varietals like, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Malbec, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Zinfandel. They can be used in a blend or solo. The flavour and taste of the great rose wines are a softer version of the red wine varietal counterparts. While drinking a delicious rose wine, you can sense and feel a hint of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and even citrus. If you are more into sparkling wines, choose a sparkling rose which is made by blending red and white grapes. It tastes heavenly!

Rose wines are served chilled and make a great refreshment for the hot summer days. It is also the perfect wine for picnic since it’s lighter and more delicate. It goes great with chicken, ham,beef, seafood and even with different types of chips and dips.