Learn How to Incorporate Feng Shui In a Bedroom: Creating a Calm & Serene Space

By Ava Brown, March 10, 2015

Your bedroom should be your prime relaxation destination. It is the last place where you escape after a long day and the place you wake up in. With the stress that modern life throws at us, it’s essential to have a calm space to come home to and enjoy.


Unfortunately, most people’s bedrooms are not as harmonious as they should be. And what a better way to turn a bedroom into a spa-like retreat than with feng shui. With this ancient system creating a calm and serene space is easier than you think. If interested to learn how to incorporate feng shui in your bedroom to create a calm and serene space, read on.

Bedroom Location

Your bedroom should be located far away from the front door (our ancestors did not sleep in the mouth of their caves and neither should you) and not at the end of a long hallway, called the “dragon’s mouth”, as this can cause problems in your love department.

Bed Position

It is best to position your bed so you can see the door as this promotes the feeling of safety, but never place your bed in line with any door in the house as it looks like a coffin. Not the look you’re going for, right? If you cannot change the position of the bed, place a a bedroom bench, a trunk or two nightstands between the footboard and the door. You can find different designs, styles and colours of trunks, benches and cheap bedside tables online.


Also, in terms of position, bed should be placed in a way that it is easily approachable from either sides (never place it in a way that one side is next to a wall). The headboard should be against the wall. Such position supports the flow of positive energy in bedroom as well as harmony in the relationship. Furthermore, avoid placing the bed under a window as this way your chi will get out through the window resulting in poor-quality sleep.

Bedroom Colours

Balanced, relaxing colours are ideal for achieving feng shui harmony in your bedroom because they help bring about a positive balance. Neutral colours such as cream, beige, yellow, peach, tan, coral, and cocoa, make the best ones. Other great colours for the bedroom are light greens, blues, and lavenders because they promote peacefulness and quality sleep.


Bedroom Accessories

According to feng shui oval and circle-shaped furniture is better than pieces with sharp corners. This is because square edges are believed to cut the chi that is directed on you. Also, get rid of your mirror as it can cause restlessness because it bounces energy what helps create stress and worries. In terms of art, go with images that inspire you. And make sure your bedding is something you love, so choose bed linens carefully.

Where to shop for furniture and accessories?

With the large number of retailers (from small to large store chains) selling bedroom furniture and accessories offline and online, finding the peaces that you need to create a feng shui bedroom is easily doable. You will have multiple options to choose from, in a variety of price ranges. If you are on a tight budged but still want to create your oasis, search for great deals online. Find cheap bed frames, art, bedding and cheap bedside tables online. Online retailers do not have the same operational cost as brick and mortar stores do, thus can offer bargain deals. In addition, online you will find greater variety of options. Thus, shop for any bedroom item you may need, from beds and mattresses to cheap bedside tables online available at down-to-the-earth prices.