Learn The Advantages Of Having A Gas Cooktop

By Ava Brown, May 7, 2015

You surely love cooking, and probably put a lot of effort and love into it. Then why your meals do not look nor taste as Karen Martini’s? Don’t worry, the secret has been revealed – you do not need to be a professional chef to cooking like one. 100 professional chefs were asked about what type of cooktop they use and 96 of them answered they use a gas cooktop (68 of them said they even use gas ovens).

So, is the gas cooktop the secret to delicious and lick-your-fingers dishes? Maybe, but to a certain extent. What’s certain is that cooking is much easier with gas cooktops. Here is why.


Why Gas Cooktop Are The Best

  1. They respond faster – When ignited, gas cooktops respond immediately. Electric cooktops need a few minutes to reach a certain temperature level. And vice versa, when turned off, gas cooktops cool down immediately while electric cooktops stay warm for a little longer. This feature is especially important when making different sauces and if when you need something done fast, like boiled eggs when you don’t have time in the morning. Gas cooktops are time savers.
  1. Easier to control – In addition heating and cooling faster, gas cooktops offer better control. For example, when you need to cool the pan faster, all you need to do is just lower the gas force or turn it off. With electric cooktop, you need to remove the pan if you want to cool the content, which can be messy and not so practical.
  1. You can use differently shaped cookware – Most electric cooktops have smooth surfaces thus, pots and pans that are perfectly flat-bottomed are easier to use. If you use cookware that is over-sized or not flat-bottomed, you risk getting unevenly cooked food. With gas cooktops, you are not limited to using only flat-bottomed pots and pans and can use any type of cookware.
  1. Easier to clean – Gas burners equal less mess when cooking. Moreover, when you decide to clean it, all you need to do is remove the steel grate, wipe away errant crumbs and food, and use a multipurpose cleaning spray to remove cooked-on spills.
  1. No electricity needed – Gas cooktops run on gas, so say goodbye to the end-of-the-month stress that comes with an electricity bill. You can light the gas burners with a match, so no worries if you experience a power failure. Furthermore, when out of the gas, all you need to do is ask your gas provider to relight the pilot light, which in is more cost-effective than using electricity.

In conclusion, even if electric cooktops with digital controls may seem a little more convenient, don’t be fooled, this is only until they break. Gas cooktops don’t come with any type of controls unless the one that turns it on and off. So, if you have doubts, these advantages should make your switch to gas cooktops easier.