Love Comes Softly DVD Series: Exploring The Meaning Of Sacrifice

By Ava Brown, April 16, 2015

Love Comes Softly DVD series are inspired by the novel series of Janette Oke. The author has written these historical novels during her depression years, based on the lives of early North American settlers. Since the first book of Janette became widely popular, she has created a whole series of 10 novels, which were eventually adapted into DVD movies. Directed by Michael Landon, Love Comes Softly DVD series are among the favourite God-centered series of all time.

The series is set on the American Frontier of the 19th century. The story is based on the life of Marty Claridge (Katherine Heighl from Grey’s Anatomy), a woman who moves to West with her husband Aaron. Unfortunately, shortly after they settle, Aaron dies in a riding accident and Marty finds herself pregnant and alone. Having not many options, Marty accepts an offer to stay with a widower named Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff) for the winter and then get back to the East in spring. Their arrangement is a platonic marriage, but since it is a Hallmark series, it comes as no surprise that these two fall in love.


The set of Love Comes Softly DVD series features 10 amazing movies. Each movie of the series is inspired by a best-selling book from Janette Oke. The story of the first movie is how Marty and Clark find a new love in a hopeless place. In the second movie titled “Love’s Enduring Promise”, the story is centered around Missie, the daughter of Marty, who needs to make an important choice in life, to choose between two completely different men.

“Love’s Long Journey” is the third installment to Oke’s inspiring Love Comes Softly DVD series and it is about the surprising pregnancy of Missie. She and her husband Willie (Logan Bartholomew) move to West, where she is both excited about the new life and in pain because of the possibility she might never see her family again. In the fourth installment “Love’s Abiding Joy”, Missie and Willie start a family in West. However, despite the fact that the railroad line connects the states and Missie’s father can visit her, another tragedy happens.

The fifth movie “Love’s Unbending Legacy” is about the life of Missie after the tragic death of her loving husband. Unable to work the land on her own, she and her son Maddie leave their home with a hope for a new life. And so the series continues with “Love’s Unfolding Dream”, “Love Takes Wing”, “Love Finds A Home”, “Love Begins” and “Love’s Everlasting Courage”.

As Marty’s children and children’s children grow up, Love Comes Softly DVD series features classic stories of drama, joy, faith and romance. Janette Oke has continued the tradition of strong families with strong beliefs and faith in God in all 10 movies. These 10 movies contain messages of hope and are suitable for all group ages.