Need To Restore Your Antique Mirror? Let’s Explore Your Options

By Ava Brown, October 2, 2014

Have you decided to take your old antique mirror out of the dusty attic, but you are not sure you can breathe life into it? With few easy gilt restoration tricks you can have this piece restored to its original condition in no time. With time, mirrors (and other antique items for that matter) lose their shine and beauty, so a little ‘makeover’ is needed to make it as good as it used to be.

Gilt Restorations

Therefore, if you want to bring the Old World glamor into your home, definitely consider putting your antique mirror on the wall. And do not panic if it is chipped, scratched and worn out. Find professional gilt restoration services or use some DIY tricks to preserve the gilt design and let its true beauty and shine again. If you want your precious antique mirror to last for generations then check out our unique, yet effective tricks for restoring antique mirrors. In no time this heirloom will be an amazing focal point of the room.

Gilt Cream – The easiest way to restore your antique mirror is by getting a gilt cream. This cream comes in many shades, so make sure you pick the one that matches the colour of the antique mirror you have. If you own a gold antique mirror, then pick a golden shade that will cover the paint that has been flaking off. Apply the cream on the damaged areas using a small paintbrush. You will be more than pleased with the results once you are done with this unique gilt restorations process.

Wax Gilt FurnitureIf you are not a fan of the traditional gold-leafing gilt restorations method, then you should try wax gilding. This wax gilt restorations paste contains a mixture of gold, silver, cooper and bronze and you can find it in all art supply stores. Although similar to the gold-leaf process, the wax is way more cheaper. Before you apply the gold leaf paint, make sure you get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated on the mirror over time.

Conservation – If you want to keep the historical integrity of the frame and repair the mirror to some extent, then use this type of gilt restorations process. Conservation prevents further deterioration and replaces the damages with compatible methods that were used in the past.

Restoration – This is best done by professionals. If you have no restoration skills, rely on professional gilt restorations services. Professionals have the right equipment and skills needed to bring back the original beauty of your antique frame. Restorers use the same gilding and restoration techniques and tools used in the past in order to stay faithful to the period the antique mirror originates from.