Quality Sleep: Discover the Power of Bedtime Routine

By Ava Brown, May 13, 2019

Sometimes we don’t know how to appreciate a good night’s sleep until we’re faced with tossing and turning in bed, one night after the other. Not getting enough z’s can have a bad effect on our well-being, so you can’t really let your life pass by on poor sleep.

Sure, sometimes there may be a serious health issue behind this, or anxiety so we try to solve problems before sleep but most of the time it’s what we do prior to bedtime that affects it. All it takes is making little changes, taking up a routine to prepare for a quality night catching all the z’s, and it starts from the pj’s.

women's cotton pj's

As it happens not many of us pay attention to sleepwear as much as we do with the bedding, and we should because the fabric, the fit along with the design all have their importance.

You can’t expect to have a calm night in synthetic sleepwear that’s tight and has all the buttons and tags that irritate your skin, so go for women’s cotton pj’s loose enough to give you rest and relaxation all night, without being adorned with unnecessary and irritating accessories.

Mind you, not just any cotton pj’s, but 100% cotton; you’d love them so much, you’d want to get them for your loved ones too, so besides looking stylish and feeling comfortable you’d find your perfect presents.

Okay, making the shift to women’s cotton pj’s is only the first step, adopting relaxing routines like reading a book is another. Even if you’ve read a book time and time again, if it relaxes you, then it’s worth to reread it before you sleep, however it has to be an actual book, not one on a screen.

women's cotton sleepwear

Perhaps reading books isn’t your cup of tea for relaxation, so find what it is and adopt it in your routine; whether it’s listening to relaxing music or colouring, do more of what relaxes you.

Minding what you eat and when you eat is another aspect you’d have to truly focus on because eating spicy food, greasy food, chocolate, citrus fruits and drinks such as coffee keeps you up at night so it’s best to avoid them near your bedtime.

Also, while it’s important to eat light food, it’s equally essential not to overeat and make sure you eat at least three hours before going to bed. Don’t forget the power of hot showers and baths before sleep! Not only do they help the body relax, they’re great for thermoregulation and the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone.