Rediscovering Jeans as a Mature Woman

By Ava Brown, December 10, 2019

Jeans are one of those fashion staples that simply never go out of style. However if you are in your 50, you might be questioning what type of jeans are right for your body and age, so that your wardrobe can keep up with your style and how you feel about yourself. Well, although wearing jeans (or any clothing for that matter) is not something that should be reserved for a certain age, I think we can all agree that a pair of distressed ripped jeans aren’t quite appropriate for a certain age and they don’t look sophisticated. It is much better to go for a pair of jeans for ladies over 50 that flatters your body. A great pair of jeans can look great on every mature woman as long as you stick to some simple rules.


Embrace Your Shape

When looking for jeans for ladies over 50 that would look amazing on you, it’s important to consider your body shape as certain styles are going to work better or certain body frames than others. For instance, if your shape is pear, jeans with wide legs will help balance your fuller hips and tights. Jeans with side seam pockets are a big no-no, as these can make your wide hips look even bigger. On the other hand, if your shape is inverted triangle (which means that you carry more weight in the top half of your body and have slimmer legs and narrow hips), you can get away with wearing a straight leg or cigarette style jeans. As for those women that have a rectangle shape and want to add the illusion of curves, back pockets that are highly placed are the key for creating flattering curves.


The Right Rise

When it comes to the height of the waistband, high-rise and mid-rise jeans look most flattering on all body shapes. However, if your tummy makes it a little uncomfortable to wear high-rise or mid-rise pants, opt for jeans for ladies over 50 or 40 that have been designed from stretchy and soft denim (they need to include at least 5% spandex which can offer you some stretch), and have an elasticised waistband without the hassle of buttons or zips. These would feel comfortable to wear and help you avoid the dreaded muffin-top which is a big issue for many women after 40.


The Right Colour

If you are a petite woman, for maximum figure flattering effect, you should go for dark blue washed denim. These can lengthen and slim your lower half and will look polished whether it’s for the office or a night out. A pair in black will also have the same effect.

Also, the darker the colour of the pants, the less emphasis on your lower body. Black is a classic colour that works well, especially if you are a curvier lady as darker colours can visually minimise body areas. Or instead of black, you can also opt for jeans in dark blue. You can go with designers that work exclusively with plus sizes and aim to create a better fit and more flattering designs.

If you feel a little top heavy, then jeans in bold bright colours like yellow are a great way to balance out your proportions by drawing the eye down.


Styling Jeans

When it comes to creating tasteful outfits using mature women jeans, choosing the right top is super important. A simple rule of thumb is to never mix skinny jeans with a tight top, as well as loose jeans with a loose top. For instance, never wear wide-leg jeans with a tunic but instead with slim-fitting jeans. Wearing a slightly longer flowing tunic in solid, vivid colours like turquoise or fuchsia with slim-fitting black jeans, would not only look great but it will discreetly cover potential problem areas. This is a great combination especially for curvier women that might be asking how to wear black skinny jeans. These can be also combined with trapeze-style tank tops or pretty billowy blouses. To smooth the tummy, you can also choose a crisp white button-down shirt that teams well with black skinny jeans.

Style-wise when it comes to picking the right shoes that go well with the jeans, both flats and heels can go well with ankle-length or longer jeans. If you are wearing shorter versions, like Capri length jeans which are casual, avoid wearing heels. Instead, they will look great with flats like moccasins, ballet slippers, loafers or fitted canvas sneakers.