There is no denying that a lot of Australians like to go fishing and why wouldn’t they? There are so many great spots including the northern estuaries, southern waters, and the inland waters. Did you know that a whopping 80 percent of the recreational catch is from out in the salt waters and the other 20 percent is from fresh water which includes all rivers, lakes, dams, and ponds.

Fishing Australia wide is something that so many Australians do. This would include about 3.5 million Australians fishing every year. This means big business and profits for anglers with consumers spending $650 million dollars alone on tackle. That’s another 2.5 billion dollars that Australians also spend on boats, vehicles, accommodation, travel, charters, and all other accessories. The reason we all know this sport to be so popular is because it’s one of the ways Australians love to relax and unwind; it usually got nothing to do with a need for catching fish for food or anything else.

Apart from being a source of food, fisheries resources are valued in other ways as well by the community. People love hearing how the environment and that different species are being maintained and fisheries resources are still strong. Australians no doubt love their country and the beautiful and bountiful oceans that surround it; they also like keeping it this way so most simply observe, relax, and enjoy everything this country has to offer. Fishing is a sport that so many of us enjoy and will no doubt continue to do well into the future.

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