The Book That Made Your World – Discover How The Bible Reformed Europe And The West

By Ava Brown, November 20, 2014

“The Book That Made Your World” provides an unforgettable journey through the Western history and culture. The author, Vishal Mangalwadi, who was born and raised in India is an Indian social reformer, political columnist, international lecturer and author of 13 books. In his book, “The Book That Made Your World”, Vishal Mangalwadi opens the readers eyes by providing a crystal clear view about the influence of the Holy Bible on the Western civilization over the last millennium. “The Book That Made Your World” is a personal narrative and a profound study of the impact of the Bible. The author says that he was challenged to read the Bible, and in his book he challenges the readers to examine the impact of the Bible as well.

The Book That Made Your World

There are no doubts that Vishal Mangalwadi is an excellent author, and his books are a real proof. Since he is an Indian who has lived in both East and West, his writing style has a very interesting and unique perspective, sharing his personal experiences and stories from India and USA. In 464 pages, the author explains how optimism, reason, freedom, hope, etc. became valuable in the Western civilization because of the Bible. One example can be the liberation of the slaves in Egypt, and how God gave them a new land to live and prosper. The Bible teaches people that strong will, hard work and determination can ensure them a better future.

Vishal Mangalwadi believes that the Western culture is better, because there are higher ideals regarding the family, compassion, heroism, human rights, true wealth, liberty and morality, unlike all other cultures around the world. However, in “The Book That Made Your World”, Vishal challenges the West to commit to the Bible and to God in order to reverse the relativistic morality, as he called it. One of the most interesting things about this book is that the author doesn’t return to the origins of his ideas, but to the Reformation, the rebirth of the study for the Scriptures. Mangalwadi says that our culture has been drastically changed since the Reformation.

The most amazing thing about “The Book That Made Your World” is the aforementioned perspective of the author. To summarize in short, the book is a work of a critical look at the relationship between the Holy Bible and the development of Western culture. In general, “The Book That Made Your World” is an excellent book for all Christian believers and those who seek to know more about the influence of the Holy Bible on the Western civilization.