The Inspiring Book ‘Soul Surfer’ – Discover An Amazing Real Life Story

By Ava Brown, May 12, 2015

Allow me to introduce you to the girl who is born to ride the waves, Bethany Hamilton. She is the author of the inspiring book Soul Surfer, a book based on her life story, which is everything but ordinary. Born in Lihue, Hawaii in 1990, Bethany’s goal has always been to become a world class surfer. And she was on a very good path, winning her first award at the age of 8, until a terrible twist of faith happened to her.



At the age of 13 she was attacked by a shark. Although losing a lot of blood, she managed to survive, but unfortunately, she has lost her arm. But Bethany never lost hope. On the contrary, she showed the most incredible and strong attitude towards the situation; she looked for a way to get back to riding the waves again! In her inspiring book Soul Surfer, she talks about the source of her unusual strength: the love and faith in God. Her parents have always been religious and close to God. They were also surfers, with a passionate devotion to surfing in their youth. Bethany’s mom taught her about God, and used to take her to church regularly, which only strengthened Bethany’s faith in God. This helped Bethany overcome her tragedy.

Just one month after the attack, she got on her feet and started looking for a way to start surfing again. She learned how to surf with just one arm. Using her brain and a lot of hard work, she succeeded. A couple of months later, she participated in the Women’s Open Division contest where she won the 5th place. The next year, Bethany participated in the NSSA National Championships, and believe it or not, she won the 1st place. Bethany is a living example of the famous saying,“What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”. Today, she among the top ten woman surfers in the world.

Regarding her inspiring book Soul Surfer, she says that she didn’t want to write a book based on her life story. However, many people convinced her that what she has managed to survive, would be inspiring and helping to all the people in the world that are going through really tough times. The book was an instant hit and soon the movie based on her story was released.

Bethany now leads an active life, participates in many charities and runs one of her own, called Friends of Bethany, and although it is mainly for the recovering of shark attack survivors, the organization helps all the people in need as well. If you need an inspiration, and something to help you keep moving forward, read the inspiring book Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton and know “where there is will, there is a way”.