Want To Stop Your Receding Hairline? Let’s Explore Your Options.

By Ava Brown, December 15, 2014

Receding hairline is quite common hair problem that affects a large number of the male population. It can happen at any stage of life for a number of reasons. Although receding hairline in men is very common, the female population is not immune to this common hair problem. Usually, receding hairline starts in front of the forehead and at the temples, progressing with hair loss backwards. How much it will progress backwards varies from person to person. To stop receding hairline, men and women should try only proven products and treatments. If you are suffering from this problem, consider the following options:

Stop Using Chemicals – Many cosmetic products that can be found on the market contain chemicals which can damage your hair follicles. So stop using gel, wax, hairspray, color or any other hair styling products. Many doctors around the world state that such chemicals on your hair can cause not only thinning, but hair loss as well. So, if you want to have a good hairstyle without getting nervous about potential hair loss in future, it would be smart to ask a licensed beautician for a product recommendation.


Start Eating Healthy Foods – Many doctors suggest that to stop Receding hairline men should start eating healthy foods and make sure their body gets all the essential minerals and vitamins. It is very important not to get too much of a specific vitamin, as it can have a side effect. A proper diet with the right amount of nutrients is a win-win condition for your body and your hair.

How Do You Style Your Hair? – Although it is not very common, some men have long hair style. If you have a longer hair and you pull it on side or backwards for longer periods, stop doing that! It can the reason for receding hairline, regardless of whether you are using hair accessories or not. By pulling your hair tight you can do a lot of damages to the hair shaft and even to the hair follicles.

Take Care of Your Overall Health – A large number of doctors around the world agree that to stop receding hairline, men should pay more attention on their overall health. You should listen to your doctor and take only prescribed medications if needed. If you are not following your doctor’s tips, your body will need to work harder to overcome some diseases, but won’t have the needed energy to support the hair growing process. This can lead to hair loss. Therefore, pay attention on your overall health.