Discover Why ThruNite Torches Are Popular

By Steven Harrisson, July 24, 2019

As humans we’ve always relied on light sources to turn night into day, find our way after dark or use them as safety tools and it isn’t any different today. It doesn’t matter if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and often go on adventures through the great outdoors or not, fact is a torch is one of those tools you’d be happy to have with you.

Now that we’re part of a technology driven world, we’re lucky to be witnesses of many advancements in technology that lead to a refinement of the torches, specifically the design by enhancing it with features and making it more compact and lightweight, yet not at the expense of brightness.


However, this also means there’s a vast range of brands and models to choose from which can be confusing when you want to buy one that proves to be of quality in order to get your money’s worth.

One brand that’s come to stand out from the crowd is ThruNite so getting yourself a Thrunite torch is the way to purchase something top-notch at an affordable price. As a company that stands behind each and every product, you can expect to find features you’d have in a quality flashlight without having to break your bank.

Is it the outstanding materials you appreciate in a flashlight? You can rest assured with ThruNite you get that as they use durable materials like aluminium and titanium, waterproofing being one of the basic features so you won’t have to fret if you completely submerge the torch in water over 1½ metres deep, drop-proofing up to 1½ metre fall the other feature so you won’t have to worry dropping it would be the end of it.

Another way they’re making their presence known is in the world of tactical flashlights, especially the small but mighty designs like TC12 V2 Max, so if you’re looking for a ThruNite torch that’s both powerful and lightweight and doubles as a self-defense weapon that can save your life in emergency situations you can find it.

There are torches also for those who prefer rechargeable batteries, the Catapult V6 being one of the popular and powerful rechargeable mini throwers. Additional features that make ThruNite torches outstanding are the high quality beam pattern and the option to choose from the various output modes, from strobe, turbo and infinity high to infinity low and firefly with a runtime of 90min, 85min, 90min, 2.6 days and 28 days respectively.

What you’d also find useful in these torches is the ITC technology that helps prevent damage from overheating, ergonomic design allowing a firm grip, easy operation when changing modes, memory and momentary on features, as well as the outstanding warranty. Could you ask for anything more in an affordable and top-notch torch?