Discover the Different Types of Diving Bags

By Ava Brown, July 6, 2017


Underwater photography never ceases to amaze simply because it offers a glimpse into the magical realms of the turquoise ocean. As an underwater photographer, you do your best to capture a photo that reveals the beauty of the vivid marine life in all its glory. Taking photos underwater is without a doubt an experience like no other since you get to explore the untamed beauty of the ocean, all while developing your skills in both photography and diving because every successful underwater photographer should also be a great diver.

Underwater photographers are often on the go, searching for the best dive locations where they can create amazing shots that really stand out and this is why protection is key when travelling with your camera and dive gear. To keep all your camera essentials safely stored, you would need a padded backpack that is easy to carry around and includes various compartments where you can properly organize your camera, lenses, batteries and memory cards.

Once you’ve packed your photography gear, it’s time to find a practical and safe storage solution for your diving equipment. Your safety and comfort underwater will very much depend on how well you pack and protect your dive equipment. A damaged wetsuit, for instance will not only be uncomfortable to wear, but won’t do a very good job at keeping you warm and protecting your body for stinging fish and rocky reefs.

There are three different types of diving bags designed to protect your wetsuits, fins, diving masks and other diving essentials form all kinds of damage.


Duffel bags

Due to their practical design and ample storage space, duffel diving bags are commonly used among underwater photographers. They usually feature one large compartment where you can store all your dive essentials, making packing and unpacking a quick and easy task. These practical bags are available in many different sizes and some models include wheels and pockets where you can store items like sunglasses, keys, sunscreen, etc.

Roller bags

The roller diving bag is the perfect combination of practical features and stylish design. It comes with a lot of storage space and is made from durable materials, so it can provide enhanced protection for your diving essentials. Roller bags feature sturdy wheels and padded handles and are ideal for when travelling with heavy dive equipment, which can be difficult to transport in a duffel bag.

Hard cases

A bit more expensive than roller and duffel bags, hard cases are usually available in medium and large sizes and are designed to keep your gear safely stored and protected from any kind of damage. Highly resistant to shock and impact, the hard case can be the perfect choice for transporting sensitive dive gear that is more prone to damage.