Shopping for Workwear: Discover the Important Aspects

By Ava Brown, December 20, 2019

When buying fashionable clothing, we all pay attention to details, yet sometimes this amount of attention isn’t equal to that of shopping for work clothes. Working in construction, road work, warehousing, utilities, archaeology, mining and other challenging and physically demanding industry sectors, the kind of clothing you have can make or break your work experience so checking the details should be priority.

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Other than utmost protection, opting for quality work clothing, from mens work pants, to shirts, jackets and footwear, means you get the kind of workwear that’s made to last so you won’t have to worry about having to invest in new pairs over and over again. In other words, as long as you pay attention to the materials and the utility features in the likes of pockets, you’re good.

Aside from being cost-efficient, when making a more mindful choice with the materials, opting for those more resistant to wear and tear you’d be able to show your respect for the environment by lowering your carbon footprint; now this is something to think about, especially in the consumerist driven world we live in today.

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Have in mind quality also is a good indicator or safety which is of essence for both the employee and the company he’s working for and that’s a reason more in favour; when you have workwear that’s difficult to damage, there are going to be less injuries as a result.

Additional Details

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Beside the top-notch materials and craftsmanship such as hypertech cotton, reinforced features in the likes of pockets, knee pad pockets, internal pocket bags and heels, there are other details you ought to look for to make a great purchase.


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Many make the mistake of disregarding comfort when shopping for work apparel, and it’s an essential component given that the clothing is going to be worn for hours and hours on end. If you don’t find it that essential, imagine working when feeling discomfort the whole time – the last thing you’re going to be is productive.

Apart from choosing the adequate size, meaning it’s important to get mens work pants, shirts, jackets and footwear that’s neither big nor small, it’s necessary to pick a design that provides the freedom to move freely, and have plenty of pockets for storage, while also counting on reliable fasteners, zippers and buttons.

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This is mandatory because with some jobs time is of the essence, and you need workwear that’s easy to put on. Even if you’re shopping online, you’d still be able to check the quality based on reviews as well as info like activemax 360 knee area for full movement, reinforced button protection and triple needle stitching, among others.


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One of the key working conditions is of course the climate, and as such it’s an aspect that mustn’t be overlooked; not being dressed for the weather can be an issue! For instance, winter demands layering, additional pieces of workwear in the example of fleeces, anything that helps keep you warm, whereas in summer you require something breathable that wouldn’t contribute to making you feel hot, preferably made of natural moisture-wicking fabrics like organic bamboo.

Then again, this also depends on where you’re working, whether it’s outdoors or indoors considering for the outdoors you’d need extra protection from the sun and cold.


When it comes to ensuring all-time safety and reducing the number of accidents and work-related injuries, you can’t forget visibility. This is particularly a must for anyone working outdoors, at night, during low lit situations like misty weather, or at high-traffic areas and construction sites; again, this is another aspect that’s crucial for employees and employers alike because where there are accidents and injuries, there are paid leaves, compensation claims, loss of profits and reputation.

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As there are different types of high-vis workwear, with reflective tape, in yellow and orange, you have to think of the level of protection you need to make the right choice.


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If you want to find out which workwear is of quality, look for the industry-leading brands; it’s really that simple. Sure, you might pay more than you would for a piece of workwear from a brand you haven’t even heard of but the kind of quality you’d get from names such as CAT, Hard Yakka, Elwood, Bisley, FXD, Stubbies and King Gee is incomparable. All it takes is thinking long-term to opt for a top-notch piece of workwear.

Where to buy mens work pants?

Taking into account mens work pants happen to be the most basic pieces of a uniform, they deserve to be handled considerably, and I don’t just refer to maintenance but the purchase too. Though you’d much rather buy them having seen them at a shop, you won’t have to worry about getting them from an online store as long as you check the reviews, details and have the certainty the manufacturer and supplier are trustworthy.